Bulk Printing & Graphics Design

Flyer, Poster, B-Card......Name your Stationery & we Print it in Bulk.

Inteligent Web Forms forcused on ease of Input & Time Saving.

Team1media designs Web Forms that dont depend on the your Visitos' computer, so the visitor doesnt have to logon to their email or even set it up.. We design Inteligent Web Forms capable of checking if the visitor has typed the correct data before sending. Imagine a scenario where you recieve 100 incomplete emails, or outlook launching after a lient clicked contact us.

Websites that load Fast, Browser Friendly, SEO & Multi Screen Optimised.

Team1media offers Web Hosting and E-mail Hosting for websites designed by us or elsewhere. We have the expertise to compress pictures, Sound or video & at the same time give unparalelled Quality thereby guaranteeing Fast Loading even on slow networks. Team1media Designs according to the standards of the major web-browsers which makes our websites Search Engine Optimised by default.

We listen,Understand & elevate through our Design Capacity.

At Team1media, the first thing we do before we design a website for you is to collect any information and or ideas from you in the form of either text, pictures & sketches that may give us an idea of your emaginations.. We then use that as the foundation of the many creations that our design team can come out with while we Update you at every level of the Project. All this is aimed at transforming your emaginations onto a functioning website.

Sales & Marketing Jobs Available ( Updated for April to July 2019)
We are currently Expanding our team, if you are interested in working for Team1media Pty Ltd as a Sales Agent, Kindly give your CV to one of our Sales Agents and our Sales Manager will get back to you for a possible interview. Alternatively, you can Click HERE and Fill in the Form making Appropriate sellections.