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Using this site, Ordering Services & Requesting for Quotes means you have read & Agree to our >>Terms & Conditions<< found on the Footer of every Page..

Using this site, Ordering Services & Requesting for Quotes means you have read & Agree to our >>Terms & Conditions<< found on the Footer of every Page..


We Create

Beautiful Websites

At Team1media, all our websites are mobile first which means the same site can be viewed on a computer, laptop, Tablet and cellphone without the need to zoom in and scroll left or right, the data is dynamically rearranged to suite the current screen.


Tap into

Social Media

Companies that invest in social media pages do so because they understand how these platforms can move their business forward, Our Expertise is to help keep your brand’s message consistent across all social mediums.

Team1media takes care of your online presence not only via the website we create for your Business, but also making sure you are Professionally represented on Social Media Platforms.


Creativity is our Business

Team1media is a professional Graphics Design Company with most of our Graphics Design complimenting either a Web Design Project or a Corporate Identity Project, either way the design fees are always charged separately and we charge close to nothing especially when you have been quoted for other Digital Services.


Website or Email Hosting

Team1media isa web hosting service provider, which means we provide the technologies and services needed for your website or web-page to be viewed in the Internet.

Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers each time anyone views your site, they are actually requesting & receiving your web-pages from that server.


South African Domains

Team1media is an accredited Domain Registrar with the South African Central Registry (ZACR) which means we are not agents af anyone when it comes to your South African Domains. While we are currently working to expand our Domain Portfolio we work with partner Registrars for other TLD Domain Extensions for the countries in the SACD region.

Our Philosophy

At Team1media We believe that when a client asks for a particular service, it is always possible that they require much much more. That's why we listen, Understand & elevate through our Design Capacity & use our experience to contribute Ideas and systems for the overall satisfaction of each individual client.

Our Goal

Team1media was founded on one simple goal, to be excited about giving wings to our Clients by enabling them to establish a professional online presence through various mediums like a Business Website, Business Social Media Pages & Online Reviews.

Our Mission

We believe that every client's need is unique although the need may fall under the same project type as the last client's.

Our mission is to translate your smallest ideas & wishes into well designed & formulated reality. The ability to do so is simply described as EXCELLENCE.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a business based on quality service at the most competitive prices to the Small and Medium enterprises in the SADC region Beginning from South Africa, Our Vision is to be a successful & Highly profitable company that properly pays its employees without sacrificing quality service to our client base.


What Clients Say

I think the greatest challenge for any individual is to try a new product or service because you dont want to deal with the prospect of losing money for a product or service that wont quite live up to the price.

So there's a lot to concider but some businesses nomatter how young they are in the business world, deliver the best & thats all we need as clients, someone who takes care of our needs not just our money.

I couldn't say a lot more about Team1media, i think my website on its own is a true depiction of how free anyone should feel to try Team1media for website designing and company branding .

Talent Moyo


+27 (0) 71 045 4994


What Clients Say

Team1media knows how to build and publish web pages that work and feel like they are part of my sales speech. The integration is seamless and works just like you would expect. It makes your marketing more effective by providing features that turn clicks into conversions.

These guys go the extra mile by puting content that just makes sence in particular to my industry but still making my business unique.

Dalton Khumalo


+27 (0) 72 133 5763

Meet the Team

Norman Muyambi

Social Media Specialist


Gift Simau

Marketing Manager


David Mkandhla

WordPress Specialist


Sheron Nambuyi

Joomla & Drupal Specialist